Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coin Collection Manager

Coin Collection Manager is a professional application designed for people who have a hobby of collecting coins. Easily catalog your coins collection by storing detailed information about each coin with images. You can also take print outs of your collection, and even export to HTML, PDF or CSV format. A must have software for all collectors.

* Store your Coin Collection Details with Images
* Large Capacity - You can store thousands of coins
* Summary - Quickly view information about a selected coin
* Printing - Take a print out of your collection
* Export - Easily export your collection to HTML, PDF or CSV format
* Image Preview - Quickly preview the image of selected coin
* Zoom - View the image of coin in actual size
* Search - Easily search your collection
* Valuation - Shows the total money you spend on your collection along with its current value
* Free Life Time Updates - Buy once and get all future versions for free

[Homepage] [Download] [Buy Now $15]


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  2. Thank you for sharing. This is a useful software for the novice collector coins. I was looking for a similar software. After I read this article, I realized that there is a sense in collecting coins . Maybe someone will come in handy, and people will start to collect rare coins.

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